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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  September 9, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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found in the same area that ricardo les was found dead. investigators located the body on crepe myrtle drive. ricardo salewas found in the house. the second body found today could be that of sales son fredrick. he is a 32-year-old nursing aide who's been missing now for several days. this news comes as volunteers were back again working looking
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for clues. we have a news crew working this story. uc berkeley graduate being held in iran got the news she's been waiting for. iran today said it will free sarah shord one of three people detained after the trio crossed the border in 2009. rita williams has the story. >> reporter: sarah shorde's mother spent the day sequestered in her sister's cottage. finally she got the confirmation she's been waiting more than 13 months for. that her daughter sarah was coming home from an iranian prison. nora shord said she wouldn't comment. afraid to say anything that would scuttle the release. >> reporter: aren't you excited? >> i'm happy. >> reporter: with that, she went to the airport to meet her
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daughter some where. iranians told media they could witness the release. iranian troops arrested shord, her now fiance and -- shord's mother says her daughter is depressed and has recently found a lump in her breast and fears it is precancerous conditions. >> the trade off, they figured would be far worse if something serious should happen to sarah in terms of her hlth. >> reporter: iranian officials did not mention why they were releasing shord and not the two men. >> i'm grateful that it is
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happening. apparently this is related to the end of ramadan. i'm grateful they are letting her go, i hope they let shane and josh go on saturday as well. >> if that does not happen, the people who love them most say they'll keep working until not just one, but all three americans finally are home reporting live, rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. a protest is going on right now at one of the busiest intersections in san francisco's castro district. this is developing news. we want to show you a live picture now from market street and castro where the protesters say they plan to block traffic there. there you go. there's our live footage. they plan to push nancy pelosi to push a legislation through congress. they say the legislation has been bottled up all summer and they chose the predominantly gay castro district because
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they think it would send a stronger message to pelosi instead of protesting in other parts of the city. a handful of protesters at the scene right now. they say the plan is to block that intersection. but as you can see, right now cars are moving through. the florida pastor who sparked worldwide controversy with his plans to burn copies of the koran announced later this afternoon he's changed his mind. claiming the head of a planned islamic center in new york city has agreed to move that site away from ground zero. but the new york aman says that's not the case here. >> reporter: the controversial karan burning at gainesville florida on september 11 is off. >> we felt very convinced that we should do this.
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we thought about what would have to happen for us to call our event off. >> reporter: he says what happened was, he changed his mind when abdul ralf agreed to move the ground zero project to another location. a sign jones called a sign. >> muslims do not want us to burn the koran and god does not want the center there. >> reporter: a muslim leader in florida who's been working with jones says there is no firm deal. only an agreement to meet with iman fizad abdul on saturday. >> to discuss the plan or the project of moving that project to an ideal location, that's not controversial. >> reporter: meanwhile the new york iman issued a statement saying he had not spoken to
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either jones or muzri. reporting from atlanta, i'm sorry john lisck. ktvu's rob roth is live in san francisco now with how bay area muslims are reacting to today's late development, rob. >> reporter: gasia, many muims are gathering here at this mosque on golden gate avenue for the late afternoon prayer session. in a way it appears their prayers may have been answered. early this afternoon,these muslims prayed for peace here at the aljabel islam. that after pastor jones called off the burning of the koran. >> if you do that, the relationship around the world, the relationship between the society and outside, it's good
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to stop. good for the muslim and american -- more the muslims around the world. >> reporter: the very notion to burn the koran is offensive, for some it's very disrespect. he played us this phone message he got yesterday as a threat to burn the koran. >> i'm going to send a -- for every one you burn. it's outrageous. >> we're supposed to be like family. i feel that. i have big family in america. >> reporter: when we spoke to iman shedi he said he was fareful ofhow burning the
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koran could worsen the relationship between muslims and america. folks here say the koran burning controversy has been -- >> if this act, this dispickable act does not happen, the damage has already been done. >> reporter: but the muslim leaders in the bay area disagree. they say if there is no desecration, the whole issue will soon be forgotten by most of the muslim world. reporting live in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. the ink is barely dry tonight on a court decision that equates tattoos with free speech. the federal ninth circuit court of appeals struck down a city ban on tattoo parlors. the ban says those tattoo parlors are protected by free speech. the funding of stem cell
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research has been ordered to resume temporarily by a federal appeals cot in washington, d.c. the court overturns a judge's order from a lower court to block the funding following a request from the obama administration. the appeals judges who allowed the funding to continue says the a temporary order while they consider the ruling of appeal. and this ruling should not be the merit of the case. press secretary robert gates -- >> reporter: i think >> i -- >> i think the majority of those in congress believe that the president should extend tax
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cuts for those in the middle class. and let the tax cut in the wealthiest among us that we cannot afford expire. the u.s. labor department reported some poz táeu moves on the jobs front. first time claims for unemployment insurance dropped to 1,058,000 last week. continuing claims were also down slightly. 4.48million americans are now collecting jobless benefits. but analysts say the jobs market is still week and an increase in hiring is unlikely to happen toon. there is positive job numbers translated into modest gains today on wall street. the training was light, but analysts say those job numbers and news today that the trade deficit narrowed in july helped boost investor numbers a little. the dow up a little more than
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28 points. the nasdaq inched up about 7- 1/3. maldonado has a new title this evening. acting governor of california. maldonado says if all goes well no one will even notice the change. governor arnold schwarzenegger appointed maldonado. he will be running against gavin newsom. in the race for governor, ktvu will carry a live debate between whitman and brown on september 28. it will run from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. you will only see the debate here on ktvu. it's a spectacular water show in one bay area city. up next, take a look at that, we'll tell you who triggered it. freemont wants residents to get ready for some big changes
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when it comes to down downtown. but when it comes to parking, has the city lost its mind. and we are looking for very cold overnight lows. we'll tell you which cities will be the coldest.
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we are continuing to monitor breaking news in hercules. these are live pictures from chopper 2. a body has been found in the same house ricardo sales was found dead last month. police say it was an fbi crime lab team that located a body inside the house. they have not said where they found that body at this point. ricardo sales you may recall was found dead in that house on august 28th.
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he was beaten to death allegedly by efren valdemoro. so far investigators have not determined the identity of the man. the body may be that of sales son fredrick sales. we have a live report coming up at 5:30. in freemont, the city is trying an experiment where the parking spaces aren't necessarily facing the wrong way but it sure looks like it. robert handa is there to show us and to explain. >> reporter: we're here on what might be the most unpopular street in freemont these days. not because it's near city hall but because of these experimental new spaces that slant against traffic. this is the typical parking pattern we saw tonight, a driver sees the spaces, slants
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in the posite direction and hesitates. possibly wondering if he's going the wrong way on a one way street. the driver sees that he has to park the wrong wa so he waits for traffic and slants back in. crooked? yes, so he decides he better find a better parking space. the parking spots are being tested because for planners, vehicles parking outward may help meet a new law for complete streets, meaning lanes with bike lanes. >> backing out a car from a diogonal space, you can't see
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bicyclers. >> reporter: our camera was running when, well, this woman parked a little crooked. >> if you're a few spots off, it's hard to see the lines coming back. >> reporter: a lot of other people told us they expect to have the same trouble. >> i don't think i've ever backed into a parking lot that's been angled like this ever. so i don't know. >> reporter: teresa pena has been driving a delivery truck for 20 years. >> for now, i think people are just going to be like, oh my god. this is a change. >> reporter: city officials point out these parking spaces have worked out well in seattle and portland and say as in any situation, when you make a big change in what people are used to seeing, it takes time to get used to it. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. system good news on the roads of san francisco, police arreporting a sharp drop this year in injuries and deaths from traffic accidents. so far this year san francisco has seen 13 fatalities and 2,372 injuries from traffic
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accidents. that includes drivers hitting pedestrians, bicyclists and other drivers. that's cig any cantily lower than last year. if the numbers stay that way, it'll be the lowest year for injuries in decades. and crews are investigatinan accident. the truck driver identified himself as only as tony said he was on his way home traveling about 45 miles per hour on the exit ramp when his breaks went out and he scrambled to avoid the vehicles ahead of him. >> i just watched the cars cars go out of my way like this, but i could see the people in the cars looking back at me. it scared the daylights out of me. >> the victims were transported
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to the hospital. none suffered life threatening injuries. the truck driver was not cited. a water hydrant erupted, sending 70 feet of water into the roadway. an out of control car collided with the hydrant. the car then flew through the intersection and landed on rail tracks. on to our weather, more of the same today, you think it might be even colder tomorrow morning,bill? >> that's the weather story we're talking about tonight. overnight lows are going to be in the upper 40s in some of the coldest locations. is that freezing? no, but this time of year when you're sending the kids off to school, 7:00 a.m., 43, 44, that's going to seem pretty chilly. we have temperatures right now in the upper 60s, mid-60s. highs tomorrow are going to warm up. during if day we warm up but
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the days are getting shorter, the nights are getting longer. and we're heading for obviously the tunnel equinox. but what we're seeing is cooler overnight lows. the main factor for the weather, is going to be a front going through. tonight temperatures are going to drop. so in the inland bay valleys we're looking for 40s, 46 in napa. 45 in santa rosa. 49 in san rafael. here we are, it's still summer. based on that, those are some very cool start temperatures. mountain view 63. san jose 62. we have fog along the coast and fog that will linger inside the bay and the peninsula as well. it's going to clear tomorrow. we're going to see more sunshine, highs will increase. daytime highs, a warmer day,
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it's friday tomorrow. wow. 72degrees at lunchtime. 83degrees for a daytime high. the fire danger is down, the fire pattern, it's interesting. kind of fall like. when i come back i'll show you what i mean by that. >> thank you, bill. new information tonight on the modern family. why women who have daughter are more likely to get a divorce. plus -- >> reporter: i immediately came over to see i could rescue anything that's left. >> i will tell you why this man was mad. he already knew a fire, he was surprised about the damage. why million of kids are no longer being raised by their parents. normally the only things that kids take to take home from school are home work. but today, these kids in the east bay get something that's going to help them grow as students. we're talking to a popular local grocery store to find out why they are going to stop issuing coupons. and are we building a
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bridge thatthe bay area can't actually afford? we're crunching the numbers to see how much the new bridge span is really costing. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00.
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fire investigators said the second fire in a little more than 12 hours in the same oakland apartment complex is definitely suspicious. and as ktvu's kraig debro reports, it was also devastating for the people who live there. >> reporter: when al broswell returned to his apartment, he knew there was an apartment yesterday afternoon. what he didn't know, was there was a second fire overnight. >> in the same apartment? >> same apartment, different room. >> wow. i don't know what to say. i don't know what to say. >> reporter: the first fire started at 1:00 yesterday afternoon. it started on the second floor in a corner apartment. the tenant there said he was cooking, but then stepped away
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from the kitchen. >> he put a roast inside the microwave to warm it up. went to the bathroom, probably three minutes later, came out to spoke. >> reporter: the apartment wasn't a total loss and neither was the building. but a second fire at the same mlk and 60th street apartment complex did away with the rest of barfield's belongings. >> everything we had is pretty much gone now. >> reporter: tenants made a second visit, the company that responded at 3:00 in the morning, is the same company that responded at 1:00 yesterday afternoon. they said the first fire was accidental. but what caused the second. >> is it possible that you guys didn't put away the 1:00 fire and that's what started at 3:00 p.m. >> it's always possible. but we had one lady that said she heard an explosion.
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when she went out, she saw a flash of fire. >> the windows are open, unless you're a spider, you get up there. >> reporter: other tenants said they have little damage and could stayhere tonight if only the roof hasn't burned through. like al ba rfield were surprised there was a second fire here and that the fire department had to make a second stop. and because of all the damage, the red cross could also make a second stop. since the recession started, more children are being raised by their grandparents. 3.9million children were being raised primarily by their grandparents. that's up 16% from 2000, and a 6% increase from 2007 to 2008. the number of children living
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with their grandparents is higher between african americans and hispanic the largest increase was in caucasians. a 2003 study, found that parents of daughters are more likely to split up than parents of son females typically offer more and better social support than men. researchers conclude that wives with daughters are less likely to stay with their husbands because they feel that, with a girl they'll always have health and won't be lonely. live pictures once again from newchopper 2 over a home. the question, have investigators found the body of
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a second victim? and we'll explain what this metal contraption is and how it could help create new jobs in california. the guys who drive a heavy duty truck, have some heavy duty demands. like enough horsepower and torque to get out of just about any situation. a payload that beats the other guys flat out. a frame sturdy enough to bear up a max towing capacity that's over 10 tons.
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and a braking system tough enough to bring it all to a stop. heavy duty demands? gentlemen, your truck is ready. you inhale, they inhale. millions of children continue to be exposed to secondhand smoke. secondhand smoke causes asthma, a disease that cannot be cured. protect your loved ones.
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looking live here at a home in hercules where police said late this afternoon they found a second body inside the home where another body was just found days ago. the home in question here is linked to a killing spree in the east bay that has claimed at least four lives. a man named ricardo sales was found dead inside that home. that man's son hasn't been seen since then. news chopper 2 is over that
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house where police now tell us a second body has been found. john sasaki has more on what's happening there, john -- >> reporter: we're standing on crepe myrtle drive. if you take a look at that box truck behind us, you can see that's where the body was found. you can see activity outside the home where ricardo sales was found beaten to death. his son fredrick sales has been missing ever since. you can remember just 4.5 weeks ago that it started with a car chase. police we just talked to, they are saying very, very little about this case. we actually have a bite right now from police. take a look at dorian matthews,
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a public information officer for hercules police. >> reporter: any indication that fredrick sales is still missing? >> as far as we're concerned, he is still missing until we make a positive identification of the body that was found in the the residence, mr. sales is still a missing person. >> reporr: you're looking at fredrick sales, the 34-year-old individual who is still missing. there is a body in the house. but officials will not say if the body was mr. sales, they will not say if the person was killed or a natural cause of death. but they will not say why they thought the body was found there today after it had gone through completely over the past week or so, during the course of this investigation. hercules pd has been in this house repeatedly. looked through it today. the fbi came in to help out with the investigation. for whatever reason, they along with the hercules pd were able to uncover that body today. they also did not say by the way be the body was found or
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why it took so long -- by the way, how the body was found or why it took so long. police did say also by the way, that the search at the dump where they've been looking for the body of mr. sales has been suspended for the day. no word yet on whether that search will be continued once again. live in hercules, i'm john sasaki. drivers who use a freeway in the east bay may be able to shorten their commute but it's going to cost them. it begins just south of c alaveras road. the cost will be $4 to $6
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during peak periods. it is free for everyone between 3:00 m. to 6:00 a.m. >> people may be confused at first. this will not be the regular way they've been treling through the corridor. but they will get familiar and we will work with them >> there are several spots that you can't exit those lanes. you're going to have to exit out of the express lane a little sooner than the exit you want to take. >> reporter: police will use readers to track express way -- 20 new business in california in 20 months.
5:35 pm
that's the goal of an unusual new entrepreneur program. >> reporter: this idea of having a rotisserie cooker will help jobs in california. >> reporter: working out of the their garage, these two men gave up their jobs to work on this. it's called the three red infra. it's a rottiserie cooker. >> i developed this cooker with less moving spots so it can be done here in america. >> reporter: the first challenge was creating the prototype. the next, was getting funding.
5:36 pm
the two are getting funding through the university. >> the real idea is that they are going to be business that start in california and scale up in california. so, of course there's no guarantees but over the next 20 months we hope to start 20 new business right here in california. >> reporter: sharleen davis says the program helped her to start a program for her table decorating kit program. >> this program helps us because it focuses on business right here in california. you want to get selling right ay. >> reporter: this woman makes inspirational cards for people with chronic illnesses, she had high hopes but no business background. >> they're making us go into a lot of detail. you really have to figure out everything about the product and the cost. >> reporter: creating jobs isn't as simple as flipping a
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switch. but they hope this idea will positively change the direction of the economy. maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. we have more breaking news now. a potential traffic problem during the height of the commute this evening, a key intersection in san francisco is blocked right now with protesters. sal castaneda is live at the scene of the castro district with more of what's going on. >> reporter: right now market street is completely blocked here at castro as about 12 dozens protesters have unfurled a banner. they are protesting against employment discrimination. they say the house of congress has held up. they are especially angry with nancy pelosi with what they say are stalling tactics that would not carry the bill that would end this employment discrimination throughout the country. they say in many states it is perfectly legal to get fired just for being gay or lesbian
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and they are out here making their opinions heard. meanwhile, market street has been shut down for several blocks. we have about 25 to 30 police officers here. right now they are just watching, we are also watching a bunch of frustrated drivers start honking their horns and then turn around. the police appear just to be watching and letting these people chant and speak their mind. but this is having a big effect on market street. way down i can see cars turning around and a lot of buses are stopped. so again, castro street at market. this is market street, this street is completely blocked and we'll keep you posted as to what happens here, if they are going to move or not. reporting live from san francisco, sal castaneda, ktvu channel 2 news. coming up here, they say they just can't stand the noise. it is the dispute in foster city that involves kids learning martial arts and the sound they make when they do so. hear why it's been going on for years.
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okay, so how loud is too loud? some folks in foster city are add odds with a maial arts studio, not for what the studio is teaching kids there, but for the noise it's creating. ken pritchett has more now from foster city. >> reporter: they are small but
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they kick and punch with power. and you can hear it in their voices. but is this just the sound of tae kwan do or a nuisance. >> the kids are making noise just like a soccer team out in a yard. >> reporter: he's been involved in a three year battle with his neighbors. his neighbors across this pond. >> people that are adjacent are facing the shopper center do hear noise. there's no question about it. >> reporter: marlin townsend is speaking for the residents of wailers island, the noise which is coming from these children is annoying. wailer doesn't buy it. >> we're having a conversation, you hear me, i hear you, we're
5:43 pm
talking fine. >> reporter: wailer says he's done decibal tests, but the neighbors are not buying it. the city is looking into it. perez says he keeps his noise open to take in the breeze but for just a few hours a day. >> 3:00 to 5:00 in the afternoon, is it reasonable that you may hear some noise from children, it's absolutely reasonable. is it oppressive, by no means. >> reporter: the neighbors point out it is not just young children but teenagers and adults that are making noise. both sides have said they've tried to reach a decision over the years but have had no luck. the city right now is searching for a solution but that will take months. ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. >> reporter: the highest technology you can't get. the remarkable technology coming to bay area police and
5:44 pm
fire and soon. still ahead. new at 6:00. >> reporter: normally the only thing kids get to take home is homework, but today these kids got to take something home that will allow them to grow as students. and today we go to a local grocery store to find out why they are about to stop issuing coupons. and with rebuilding a bridge that the bay area can't really ford. we're crunching the numbers to see how the new span is actually costing. >> tonight on the ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. fow tew e r le
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police call it a revolution. others say it's just big brother. on a store you -- on a story you will only see here on ktvu news, john fowler got a first look. >> reporter: we saw it during the mehserle riot, there were delays because officials could not talk to one another. public safety communication has
5:47 pm
advanced little in decades. but the bay area is about to leap into the 21st century. our $50 million federal grant for new technology. the first electronics delivered to alameda county just two weeks ago to create the most advanced communication network. >> it's a huge revolution >> reporter: think of instant video, voice and data with the fastest broad band. >> we're going to have that technology plus more available to first respondsers. >> reporter: alameda county sheriff's will be on the nation's first 4g network. an ultra band with internext connection. inscripted microwave, expanding next year bay area wide for firefighters and police. instant video, voice and text. say a suspect in video description. >> direction or flight would be broadcasted as the crime was occurring. >> you can actually see
5:48 pm
realtime fire conditions on the ground through video as you are responding to the scene. >> reporter: new system will also expand the role of dispatcher who will now become information managers for realtime audio, video and graphics. it'll be like juggling hundreds of facebook and twitter accounts simultaneously. >> they'll have to be able to decipher what type of information should be put out and to who. >> reporter: for instance, we learned that the munni lines will be distributed. instead of receiving hours video, they could dispatch realtime video to officers that can be there in seconds. >> any tool that we can use to complete our job is going to be very beneficial to us. >> reporter: people we asked
5:49 pm
are divided. >> there's cameras all over right now watching us. i mean for additional security measures, i think it's a good step. >> it's like we're invading our privacy. it's like we're getting watched like a thug. >> reporter: police say it's not big brother, it's just better technology. continuing coverage on the developing news. you see live pictures here from news chopper 2 involving another bizarre twist in that murder rampage that left four people including the suspect dead. julie haener is in the newsroom with other stories we're working on. >> reporter: more on the news from iran that one of those hikers is about to be set free. tonight the few brief words that we got from the mother on her daughter being released.
5:50 pm
and is the cost of the bay bridge extension going up again? >> and now, a a change is in the works and we'll tell you why left over phone books is to blame. we talked about warmer temperatures today yesterday and bill martin is here to bring us the latest. >> reporter: and that's at san francisco area west at 35 miles per hour. so the winds are blowing, these are the highs from today. as you take a peak, gasia is correct as did we that the temperatures came up five to 10 degrees. highs today, warmer than yesterday. highs tomorrow, warmer still. there is no heat wave headed our way. what we are looking forward to is a little bit of a warm up each day as we move into the weekend. next week a cooling trend. as we buy some of the long range model, maybe some sprinkles next week.
5:51 pm
still summer but it feels like fall. the big story, overnight lows and tomorrow highs. the daytime highs tomorrow are going to be generally 70s, maybe a couple of low 80s. and they'll continue to warm into the weekend. tonight, some patchy fog of late. just patchy with coastal fog. fog reforms but, you're going to see sun. it's not like the fog we saw three weeks ago out of pacifica and half-moon bay. this fog is going to have the better opportunity to burn off. with that burn off you're going to see more sunshine out of pacifica, daily city and san francisco. all right, sounds good. and we have more breaking news from san francisco. let's take you back over the live scene. this is where the protest is happening. you can see police have moved in and it appears they are detaining some of the protesters from what we can see
5:52 pm
here on the street. it appears these protesters are going peacefully. now again, this protest had a protest which was to send a message to speaker nancy pelosi. they were trying to push her to passing legislation. as to why they picked the castro, the protesters said, by picking the castro, we thought we would send a stronger message. things do appear to be peace. right now. meanwhile there is a happy reunion. >> it's like my life is back. i am so appreciative and gratitude is overwhelming. he is appreciative because he got his dog back.
5:53 pm
we'll tell you how this dog and owners were reunited at their home.
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you inhale, they inhale. millions of children continue to be exposed to secondhand smoke.
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secondhand smoke causes asthma, a disease that cannot be cured. protect your loved ones. the owners of a little dog stolen from its home in richmond valley are celebrating tonight after being reunited with their dog.
5:56 pm
>> awesome, awesome. i'm so appreciative. >> the smile says it all. he and his wife launched an intensive search, everyone setting up a website to try to bring their dog home. and the efforts paid off. a woman called them yesterday saying that she bought the dog and then later recognized a picture of the missing dog on a flier. >> the people she bought the dog from said the dog's name was lulu and that their niece couldn't take care of it anymore. that was it, but she said she had to do the right thing. >> reporter: the dog suffers from a liver condition and could have died without her medication. the cassidy's also say they plan to give the woman who gave back the dog a reward of about $1,000. a local groomer plans to treat lula to a doggie make over tomorrow. there's more news to come.
5:57 pm
we'll have more on developing news at the castro as police are moving in on protesters who are blocking market street.
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a live look from news chopper two over a home in hercules where there is a new twist this a multiple murder case. late this afternoon, investigators discovered another body. more developing news this time in san francisco. protesters were blocking one of the busiest inter inter intersections in the city. and police were telling them, move or you're going to be taken away. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. we have more news on that investigation in san jose. right now detectives are scouring a home in hercules where another body was found late this afternoon. we want to show you a live picture from news chopper two. hercules police say this is the same house where ricardo sales


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